Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Haunted Houses

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday and I love the month of October. I always look forward to the fall season and anticipate going to haunted houses, costume parties, and trick-or-treating.
However, I've noticed over the years how commercialized the holiday has become, that goes for all holidays in fact. Towards the end of August stores were already setting out their Halloween decorations and festive candy was already being sold. This I don't mind so much, after all, because Halloween candy is among the best.
I don't get scared easily, but every year I like to test my nerves and go to haunted houses, haunted corn mazes, and other events. I have been to haunted houses so far this year. The first being Nightmare on 13th and the second being Ogden's Exchange Building. I was not all that impressed with either one. First off, I find the admission prices to be ridiculously high. Nightmare on 13th is a whopping $15 per person. This may not seen high to some but keep in mind that I am a poor college student. Not only that, but these haunted houses don't even scare me! If I'm going to pay money to get scared, gosh dangit, I better get scared!
Then again, maybe it's just me. Some of my friends who also attended these haunted houses were scared out of their knickers. It seems silly to me, what is so scary about a bunch of kids dressed in absurd costumes jumping out at you? I was on a date for one of the haunted house and while other girls were grabbing on their dates and screaming for help I simply walked right through it. Of course, I faked it at some times just so I could feel comforted my date as well.
The actual day of Halloween in approaching and I can't wait to dress up in my costume. Nothing is more fun to me than seeing how creative everyone can be with their costumes. Sometimes I do group costumes with friends, we always win best costume. So, don't go looking in haunted houses to get scared, just come find me and my friends in our costumes!

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