Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm a Movie Star!

I've always wanted to say I'm a movie star, and now I finally can! OK, fine, I'm not really a star, but I am in a movie. Let me start from the beginning...
Last year some friends and I dressed up like zombies for Halloween. We went to a Halloween dance and walked around like zombies the entire time. We didn't dance, we didn't talk, we didn't smile, we didn't laugh. We did absolutely nothing but walk around oddly staring at people. It was quite humorous actually. Some people seriously became frightened by us, and they even ran away screaming. Our costumes were such a big hit that we even got nominated for having the scariest costume.
This year we decided we should dress up again. One of my friends, Ben Taylor, is a fabulous movie producer (making short films that are hits on Youtube) and agreed to help me and my friends make a music video the Micheal Jackson's Thriller dressed up in our zombie attire. This is where I become a star.
We started filming for the movie roughly one week ago. My friends and I had made up a dance to the music and we danced it over and over again so Ben could get different footage of it. Last night we completed the filming of the movie.
I have not seen much of the footage filmed, none really. Ben plans to keep us on our toes so we will be amazed by the final footage. I won't too much away about the movie, but I will tell you that it involves creepy cemetery scenes, blood thirsty zombies, and even death!
The premier of Thriller will be sometime next week, depending on when our producer can finish compiling the material. Look for the new Thriller music video on Youtube, coming soon.

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Shane and Jessica said...

Michelle- I need to see this video when it gets done! Let me know so i can see it. love you