Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Campus Food

Every once in awhile when I have a busy day and need to eat lunch on campus I'll run over to the Student Union building and grab a bit to eat. The new Hogi Yogi/ Teriyaki Stix makes for some good fast eatin and an occasional quarter pounder and deep fried potatoes will do the trick. However, the selection is quite limited when in comes to finding a variety of food to eat on campus.

Just the other day, I was browsing through all the menus of the food stores and decided absolutely nothing was nutritious and healthy. I strolled over to the other side where they sell pizza and pasta and that just had carbs written all over it. I resulted in buying an over-priced lettuce wrap. I took one bite into it and almost gagged. It was by far the nastiest lettuce wrap I have every eaton! I tossed it away and became $6 poorer and that much more hungry.

I only eat there on rare occasions, but already I get bored by the selection. I can't imagine how those students who have to eat on campus all the time feel. For instance, students who live in Promontory Tower are only given the option to eat at the cafeteria for every meal. Now you tell me, how boring would it be to eat a cheese burger for lunch everyday and then a rice bowl for every dinner.

I think that Weber State University need to do something to help out this problem. Perhaps we didn't need to bring a fancy spancy Teriyaki Stix onto comapus, but rather, go back a home-made type cooking cafeteria. I don't know.

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