Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gifts They'll Love (Final story)

‘Twas the shopping month of Christmas, when all through the malls
Not a cash register was empty, no spare room in the halls;
A long list of gifts sits in each shopper’s hand,
Only twenty more checks till the shopping can end;
“I’ve got Billy’s Wii, but now what about dad?
He’s the hardest to shop for, what doesn’t he have.”

This holiday season, stores are busting at the seams with holiday shoppers looking for the “perfect gift”. Finding the right gift for someone can be a difficult task. Perhaps they’re too picky or not picky at all. If you become stumped, and you most likely will, just look for the gifts that will be a big kill.

Say goodbye to the fruit cakes, knitting sweaters, and Tickle Me Elmo’s because this year electronic gifts are the new fab. Whether you’re shopping for your son or your mom, there are new innovative devices for every one of all ages.

Need something for the boys? Thirty percent of boys polled said they would like to receive a game console. Not only are video game consoles a big hit for the little ones, but now even dads are getting in on the fun. The new Madden NFL 08 will surely put a smile on any gamers face this year.

Clothes and jewelry are even being pushed farther down the list for the girls this year and the new I-pod Nanos are taking their place. The new I-pod Nano comes in an assortment of colors and now has the ability to play movies. I-pod’s come in second place this years top gifts.

Another new fun gift for this year that is sure to please everyone is the new Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition. This limited edition of the game uses an electronic scanner to calculate all your banking. Monopoly may be an oldie, but this one’s a goody.

Other top electronic gifts this year include cell phones, computers, computer games, handheld video game sets, and digital camera/video cameras. In case you are still stumped on what to give this year just give the gift that keeps on giving, gift cards. Everyone enjoys doing a little self-shopping.

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