Thursday, January 17, 2008


So this semester in school I'm finally starting all my classes that are in my major. It's alot to take in but it's been good. One of my classes is for Weber State's radio station....88.1 Weber FM. I just finished with my training and now I'm set to go on air! Being a D.J. is actually quite fun. I get to talk on the radio, announce sons, make "commmercials", and dance around to sweet music. I'm actually doing my first session today that isn't training. Although I don't have a set schedule yet as to when I'll be on air it's probably going to be Thursdays at 12:00. So if you're in the Ogden area you should totally tune into 88.1 Weber FM and listen. Actually, you might want to give me a week or two, I'm pretty bad right now. But i'm looking forward to learning more about the radio stuff and getting comfortable with it. And hey, if you're not in the Ogden area you can totally log onto the website and and listen via the web at If you feel like being a creepy stalker you can even watch me in the studio, they have a web cam. I don't have a D.J. name yet...I can't find one that fits. If you have an suggestions I'd like to hear them. I need something fun and spicey!

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