Wednesday, February 13, 2008

iPOD Kiss Off

It all started at 12 p.m. with me and Ben smashing our faces up against an iPod with our hands behind our backs while I stood on a plateform with my neck cracked up high and he bended over as low as he could. Three and a half hours later it ended when I toppled to ground after being forced to balance on one foot (while maintaining the previously explained position) and being completely numb from head to toe. It was...the iPod kiss off. My reward...$50.00 gift card to the Bookstore.

What started out with with 14 couples slowly made it's way down to the last two, me and Ben, and one other couple. By this time Ben and I had considered giving up mulitple times. He being a whole foot taller than me, my neck was cramped up and his back was giving in. But one by one, with every couple that dropped out, our motivation grew. Not to mention that fact that I was able to miss work for this event! I was going all the way. Anways, after three and a half hours of standing there the officials decided to up the competition. Since it seemed that neither of us were goin to give up they had to make it harder. They made us each stand on one foot...which only lasted about a minute. You try standing on one foot with your hands behind your back while leaning over a table and stretching your neck a foot high while kissing an iPod! It's not easy! So I fell and failed to win the iPod. The winning constants, whom I would like to add cheated...or so i'm told, each won an 8gb mini iPod. But I did get $50.00 and front page photo coverage on the school newspaper. Works for me!

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Travis and Addie said...

haha I love this!!! That seriously sounds so hard! Did you and this boy hook up afterward? I sure hope so ;)