Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anchorwoman Michelle

I am always up for public humiliation...so here it goes. This year in school I get to do Weber State News, a class that is actually a news show. Our very first show this year they throw me, the "rookie", in as an anchor for the show. I had no clue what I was doing really...I just tried not to look like a complete fool on camera and even that didn't work. But I got to report on this sweet story about round-a-bouts. No one really watches the show anyway. It plays on Davis/Weber Cabel channel 17, Comcast, and Dishnetwork. I showed my family the show this past weekend and they all bust in laughther every time my face hits the screen....I did too though because I kind of look like a deer in headlights at times. My mother has probably already showed it to the whole world by now...so if you want to watch it too you can go to www.weberstatenews.org or look it up on comcast/dish. (It's the Sept. 17th WSN show)


Kelly Jean said...

Cute picture! So I tried to look it up, but couldn't find it! Dang it, that's so funny. Ha ha. I want to see it. Look at you go. Next thing you know, you'll be sitting next to Matt on the Today Show. Don't even doubt it.

Jessica said...

lol - 110% LOVED the show! and you didn't look like a deer in headlights... you just looked so excited to be driving "around in a circle.. looking for your exit"!! Love yoU!