Thursday, September 4, 2008

Horrible Blogger

So in case anyone out there actually views my blog...I apologize for being extremely lazy and behind in keeping my life events updated. I am going to try and post the highlights of my summer...but really there is too much to share so I'm just starting from scratch. I see everyone elses super cute blogs and I became inspired to really try and stay up to date with mine too. I like seeing what everyone is up to so perhaps people might enjoy seeing what I am doing too...then again maybe not. Anywho, here it goes!


kaceydaniels said...

MICHELLO!! I am so glad that you are updating your blog now. I am excited to see what fun crazy things you do this year. I miss you a lot and I hope that I get to see you soon! LOVE YA!

Kelly Jean said...

I'm a Michelle-blog-checker! :) So glad you posted!! You're blog looks way cute.