Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

My roomates and I got invited, very last minute, to go to Lake Powell over the Labor Day weekend..and who can pass on Lake Powell! We were willing to sacrafice anything to be able to go...including sleep. We wanted to have as much time as possible down in Powell so we left at 2:00 IN THE MORNING and drove all night/morning. Six hours straight baby! Luckily, we got to sleep on the ride down because we weren't driving, fewf.

I'm pretty sure that the trip wasn't meant to be...everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong. And it started with being stranded at a gas station for 2 hours because we couldn't the truck to start. It was the dumbest thing! We called everyone any F-350 knowledge, but no one seemed to know what the problem was. We were seconds away from calling a tow truck when Brady made one last call to Dad, who started laughing profusely when we told him the problem. Apparently F-350's have theft detection and in order to unndo it here is what you do: Place the key inside the ignition. Then, remove the key, press the unlock button on the key ring twice. Place the key back inside the ignition and start the car. And by georgie it worked! Seriously, is that not the dumbest thing ever!
So FINALLY we got out on th lake. Saturday was a beautiful day, lots of sunshine. We took advantage of it and wakeboarded and tubed all day. The wheater didn't last into the night though. We were sleeping on top of the house boat that night when we suddenly woke up dretched from a big rain storm. We all ran downstairs and cramed ourselves inside. I ended up sleeping on the kitchen table bence...not so comfortable.

The following day was just as rainy. Half the day we were stuck inside the houseboat watching movies and playing games. We took every advantage of every clear moment moment though and went on the boat when it wasn't raining. Me and Kenz were tubbing and got some MAJOR air once. It was crazy, I am not even kidding, it was atleast 10 feet of air. Boy did it kill, though, when we landed. So overall, it was alot of fun at Powell, regardless of the poopey weather. Especially since I was there with my best buddies!

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