Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Evan's Wedding

That's right...one more down! My best friend Tara just got married this past weekend (October 3) to her highschool sweatheart/missionary/love of her life, Janson Evans. It was such a beautiful day, everything turned out great! As friends and family we all greeted the happy couple as they walked out of the Salt Lake Temple and took the traditional stair pictures. As you may recall, my other good friend/roommate Emily got married this past summer. After he wedding the 5-some turned into a 4-some. Now...the 4-some has turned into a 3-some. We've made sure to document the significant losses to the bunch. I title it "And Then There Was Three"

We had a luncheon after the wedding, in which Janson's mother made the most delicious cafe rio style burritos and fried icecream. It was fun to be close to everyone and help celebrate their wedding.

The reception later that night was held at the McCune Mansion. I am going to take this time to tell you how absolutely gorgeous this reception site is! The walls and ceilings are all so beautifully painted, it's amazing. And the hand carved wood in the house is truely spectacular. I have dreamed of having my wedding here for years...someday it will happen. But I am glad Tara had her's here because I spend a whole night in it's gloriousness. BEAUTIFUL.

Ok ok..back to the receptin. The food was delcious, the cake was fantastic, and the whole thing was so much fun. I got to wear my cute little bridesmaid outfit and pretend like I important. Alot of people showed up the reception and it was good to see people I haven't seen in awhile. Most significant thing about the night...I caught the brides bouquet! However...after I reliezed that meant I was getting married next my mood quickly changed. I considered burning it to rid me of all such superstitions. So, we ate cake, danced the night away, and celebrated the love of my two good friends. Yay for weddings!


Jessica said...

you look so cute!! I need to see the dress you wore -- Is the top like the one you wore at my wedding? Don't worry about having 2 friends married I was #5 after Melinda, Skye, Ashlee, and Mandi -- and my wedding was QUICK QUICK - maybe you will do the same!

Travis and Addie said...

You look adorable! I wish I could have made it but I came down with the flu that very day and ya know...just didn't want to get the bride & groom sick on their honeymoon...that would be terrible. Well Michelle you have 2 months to prepare to catch the bouquet at my wedding because Travis has cute friends so you'll WANT to catch it there and find your future dream boat! :)

Kelly Jean said...

Oh, I wish I could've come! Sounds like it was a beautiful day though (and looks like one too)! And I love that you caught the bouquet!! Ha! Yes. Give it like one more week & you'll be engaged.