Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tis the season for costumes and candy! And I love it! Last night I went to a Halloween Dance Party with some friends. My roomies and I didn't have costumes so we went on a last minute search at Savers. Of can always rely on Savers to have the most rediculous 80's appearal ever. We found these bright 80's exercise peices and decided we would go as 80's Exercise Divas. After alot of cutting up clothes, lots of make-up, and really big hair we were ready to go!

The party was way fun, there were so many people crammed into this little house, it was crazy. People loved our costumes too, because not only did we look the part we played the part. We danced the night away with classic 80's dance moves and even 80's exercise moves. It was fabulous. It was a long night though and after hours of dancing we were pooped! I'll never understand why spandex was so popular in the 80's either...after about 3 hours I felt like a sausage wrapped up inside all the spandex.


Kelly Jean said...

Oh my gosh, spandex are so hot right now. I love that you go all out! Ha ha! Hilarious. We need more Michelle Hills in this world.

Jessica said...

What a fabulous costume -- I must admit I would have pulled out the good ole statue of liberty costume. It is definately my fall back! I love love love it!