Wednesday, October 29, 2008

<<<< Mr. A-Z Concert >>>>

I went to the Jason Mraz concert last night with a bunch of my friends and it was amazingly amazing! Jason Mraz was such a good performer and honestly I don't think I have ever heard anyone sound as good Live as he did. He voice is soo smooth...I lovie it! We had way good seats too...row 8, baby. We owe a big THANKS to Kenzie's dad for getting us the tickets. So, I'm not as familiar with Mraz' new stuff so I couldn't sing along as much I would have liked, but I still got my groove on. I love all of his old stuff and know it by heart so my favorite was when he played his old popular hits. I added a few of my new favorites to my playlist so check them out if you want. We got a little picture happy while waiting for the concert to you can see.

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