Wednesday, October 15, 2008

...Rock On...'s not my Halloween costume. I was simply bored one night and decided to be creative. I locked myself in the bathroom while my roomies worked on homework (which I probably should have been doing too), and when I emerged this is what they found...rocker Michelle. I've discovered that my hair can turn into a freakin' sweet fo-hawk if I use enough hair spray. I've also discovered that that much make-up takes longer to take off than it does to actually put it on. I'm not entirely sure what got into me...but it was fun to play dress-up!


Kelly Jean said...

Ha ha ha. Loooove it. So glad you like to randomly play dress up too. It's official, we need to re-make Super Trouper.

Kelly Jean said...

Ps, I love your playlist so much that I wrote down the 10ish songs I don't have & am totally gonna buy 'em. Rock.On.