Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Boredom Leads To Insanity....

Do you ever have those nights where you are so utterly sick of homework and bored out of your mind because there is nothing to do?

Well...I have found a solution! (Atleast to solve the boredom part...still not sure on the homework).
My roommates and I have discovered that we can climb walls! Let's just say we had a little bit too much fun playing Spidey Men. It sure was a good work out though!

Some how this next thing came to be.....
I don't recall how I actually got in that position. All I know is that it hurt like heck to get out of it!

Just a little post-procedure post. It was our friend Josh's birthday last week so Kenz and I made this sweet brithday cake for him! He loves playing cards so we thought it would be appropriate. Kenz made then cake and then I designed it....isn't it great!


Jessica said...

L-O-V-E the cake! you are just too creative! For my birthday I'd like a babie doll cake.. just like when we were little. Thanks! Love you lots -- P.S. for getting the homework done.. still don't know the solution!

Kelly Jean said...

That's so funny. I love climbing walls! And did you read John Mayer's blog?!


He was holding a competition thing where everyone makes a cake, then he'd post his favorites on his blog & give away an autographed guitar to the best. Your cards definitely would've given people a run for their money.