Friday, January 16, 2009

Neon Dances, iFLY, and Friends

So I got a new camera for Christmas....and I love it! It's a Nikon D60 and it's taken some time for me to figure it out (there are way too many cool things you can do with it). But since I know have a camera of my own I have been a little bit more picture crazy!(So excuse me if my blog becomes overwhelmed with photographs).

Last weekend at school they had a Neon Dance Party. It was so dang awesome, there were thousands of glowstick every where, laser lights, and 4 hours of straight dancing! So...since the theme was Neon, my roomies and I wore our brightest clothes and boy did we stand out! Everyone else there was just wearing their normal every day clothes...we looked like 80's freaks in comparison, haha. It was so fun though, we danced non-stop (literally...non-stop) and by the end of the night I wanted to throw up from exhaustion.

My good friend Mark has introduced me to one of the coolest hobbies ever...iFLY! It's an indoor wind tunnel where you can's pretty much indoor skydiving. It is such a blast...I can't even tell you. I highly reccommend it! Mark took Lauren and I the other night and it was way fun. I've been before but this was Lauren's first time. I'm starting to get the hang of it (kinda), while Mark on the other hand can do all these cool tricks (he's a regular). Someday I will actually do this while falling out of an airplane...but for now this will do! I snapped some pics of us in our waaay cool fly suits.


Kelly Jean said...

FUN!!! I love pictures, so I don't think anyone can ever post too much. And indoor skydiving!? Oh my heck, I need to check that out. I'm kinda too wimpy to do the real thing (maybe), but that sounds like so much fun.

Jessica said...

I'm super jealous of your ability to go iFly whenever you want! I just live too far away! I'm glad you are having fun -- and if you do it out of a plane please don't tell mom - I think she would have a heart attack and die!

brynne frei said...

michelle! that ifly looks awesome and you were rocking the neon for the dance party! seriously looked good. maybe you can take me and kelly do to the ifly again. show us the ropes.