Thursday, February 26, 2009

...The Boy...

Alright, so too many friends and family have been begging me to post pictures of my boyfriend, Mark. are a few shots from Valentines Day. He's going to hate me for posting if tomorrow my status changes to single, you will know why!

So this is the part where I have to brag. Mark is the best boyfriend ever. He brings me flowers for really no reason at all.

He leaves me a rose trail down the stairs of my apartment on Valentines Day leading too a surprise.

He decorates my car with flowers, notes, balloons, and candy.

Despite his dislike for shopping...He lets me dress him however I please, head to toe. (I made him model his new Valenetines outfit).

But mainly, I like to brag about what a good guy he is. He takes care of me when I'm sick, takes me on new adventures, opens my doors, and makes me laugh. He treats me better than a queen, yet will laugh in all my sillyness. He is pretty dang awesome.


kaceydaniels said...

i already texted you...but OMGOODNESS...he is so so so cute! and you look so happy which makes me so happy!

Travis and Addie said...

yay for Michelle!!! He is SUPER cute! how long have you been dating? What a sweetheart and so cleaver and he just sounds amazing! I'm so happy for you!