Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mark's Jump

So last weekend I went up to Ogden Airport to watch Mark jump out of a plane and go skydiving. It was way cool watching him fall from the sky (and a little scary), but he's a pro so I don't worry. What was even more cool, though, is I got to go up in the plane for his second jump that day and watch him actually leap out the door! The plane ride was a blast too...just some rickety little thing diving through the air! I can't wait to actually jump out the plane myself...all in good time!
Just before the thrill begins.

Looking oh so good in my emergency chute and suit.

This was our little plane...quite the ride.

Flying at about 12,000 ft. The pilot was way cool.
The BEAUTIFUL view right out the window.

Mark psyches himself out a little right before jumps.

Milliseconds before Mark's jump.

Mark just soaring through the air.

Luckily...he survived.

Back on solid ground!

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Jessica said...

Alright Michelle - I officially need your address so I can send you your birthday card before I'm a year late (Imagine that a year early one year and a year late the next)