Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Time For an UPDATE!

Geez, it has been awhile since I posted anything. But I guess that doesn't really's not like anybody any reads my posts anyway, haha. So...what's new?


As of March 13th I can legally gamble and drink. Too bad I'll only ever do one of those two...gambling is quite a fun activity. Haha. I celebrated my big night with Mark and the Family, good times. Not to mention I had the largest, most delicious carrot cake ever!

2. Mark Has a Birthday!

Mark's birthday is just one day before mine, March 12. So we got to celebrate our birthdays together, which was way cool. I got him these freakin' awesome massage boots, As Seen On TV. They're almost as good as the snuggie. Ok, I'll be honest, they were kind of a peice of crap, but they made us laugh. (Don't worry...I did get him some actual real gifts too).

3. Spring Break in San Diego = BOMB DIGGITY
Watching the Sunset on San Deigo bay. There was also a whale in the ocean that everyone was freaking out about...I didn't see the problem

The Pirate Ships inspired us to release our inner "ARRRRR"s
This is the only way I will ever get a six pack...
The sunniest day on Pacific Beach. This day we accomplished exactly what we had set out to do....NOTHING!
We visited Shamu and his other sea ceature friends. "SHAMU, SHAMU"
Just one of my MANY birthday dinners at the deliciously wonderful Cheesecake Factory
Las Vegas on the eve of my 21st birthday baby! I love the Belagio fountains. Apparently I love Kenzie too.
Just me and my girls workin the strip.
Yet again....another delicious Birthday dinner in downtown San Diego.


kaceydaniels said...

i just love you! i am jealous that you are 21! when i turn 212 can we go gambling together?

Robin said...

You are so adorable!!! I'm glad you and Mark had great birthdays. Come visit us again soon!