Monday, June 15, 2009

Camp Out

Mark and I finally had a weekend to do something fun together, so we decided to go camping! We invited Tara and Janson, packed up our gear, and prayed it wouldn't rain. And guess what...our wish came true! We had such a fun time. We took a little hike around Silver Lake and then pitched our tents at the Spruces Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was your pretty standard campout: make a fire, eat hot dogs, eat smores, eat more hot dogs, eat more smores, eat some roasted starbursts, fall into your sleeping bag with a stuffed stomach and fall asleep to the sound of rushing water in the river, and wake up with the sun shining in your eyes and the heat beating upon you.
So, it was great to get our and be in the wilderness. It was especially fun to get to spend the weekend with Mark. Especially since he leaves in 10 days for a month long army training. We're trying to get in as much time as possible before he leaves.

Well, here are some pictures of our campout, enjoy! Hope you all are enjoying the summer as much as we are!

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Kelly Jean said...

Oh Michelle!! I'm just so incredibly happy for you!!!!!! :)