Tuesday, July 7, 2009

16 more days!

I am almost half way there! Mark has been gone 13 days and they have been the most boring and lonely 13 days of my life. Ok...I guess it hasn't been that bad. They days do drag on and on, but at least I have been having fun with the family. Last week was the BIG HILL FAMILY REUNION! We spent the week up in Park City and had some crazy adventures. Did a little shopping, played lots of games, ate at the famous Baja Cantina, took Bronze in the Hill Family Olympics....life was good.

The 4th of July was also a lot of fun. I was wishing Mark was there to watch the parade and fireworks with me, but I still love the holiday either way. Makenzie invited to me to go to the Stadium Of Fire with her that night (thank you kenz!) and we screamed our heads off like little girls when the Jonas Brothers performed. We pretended like we knew every word to every song (really I think I knew about one chorus to one song) and we danced the whole time. There was actually a girl sitting in front of us who started to cry when the Jonas Brothers came out...how ridiculous. The fireworks were awesome, though!

I also had my first Bridal Shower! Wahoo! I loved getting stuff for our little apartment. I can't wait to finally start decorating and make it our own. It's kind of nice getting present just for falling in love....don't you think? I would highly recommend it! ;)

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Kelly Jean said...

Haha, I love it! That IS a great perk for falling in love... gosh. Win-WIN. Um, so yeah - MY family was in Park City all of last week as well!! Too bad we didn't use our psychic-powers and meet up somewhere.