Monday, August 31, 2009

Love Is A Many Splendid Thing!

It's funny how simple the marriage process actually is. Yet, we spend months planning and cordinating such an event! But after many long months, and a simple exclaimation of "YES"'s done and over with! Seriously...remember how I fretted over things like what color of napkins to use. And I didn't even use one of those fine picked ivory cloth napkins all night! However, I am sure my guest appreciated my exquisite taste! JK

So since it happened so quickly I really have to sit down and think of it and picture just how perfect our wedding day actually was! When I woke to thunderstorms early in the morning I knew it was going to be a good day (superstition: It's good luck to have rain on your wedding day). By the time we got to the temple, though, the rain had stopped. And by the time we came out of the temple and MR. & MRS. was a perfectly cool bright sunny day! Couldn't have asked for better weather if you ask me. And we couldn't have asked for better company either! Our friends and family celebrated with us the entire day...not to mention the HUNDREDS of other people who wished us lots of luck.

I realize I am a little biased here...but I must say, our reception was absolutely C'est Magnifique! The flowers were gorgeous, the linens were perfectly pressed, the food not only looked amazing but also tasted amazing (or so I hear...we never actually got to eat anything), and the dancing was a blast (thanks to those who danced...especially you Mark!). I only have one apology for my guests...I am sorry you had to eat FONDANT cake. For those of you who know me...I HATE fondant. My cake was SUPPOSED to be shaved white chocolate. seems the cake lady disregarded my utter hatred of fondant and decided to use nasty fondant instead. So, I apologize to my guests who had to take an extra few seconds to peel off the playdo crust surrounding their cake. Die you wretched fondant! And now I brush the rest under a rug, never to be heard of again. Amen.

Once again, I must thank my husband for shoving cake in my face! My theory of cake feeding is simple this: If there is no shoving, there is no fun and laughter. many times have you seen a bride and groom nicely feed eachother cake and the audience cheers and raves...NEVER! In such situations the crowd simply goes "Awhh" and gives a few lousy fading claps. Oh no...not on my wedding day! I told Mark he better shove that cake in my face and shove it good, because he was getting the same thing!

Then of course there was the "not so traditional" Father Daughter Dance. What started off as a ballade quickly turned out to a rump shakin' gig. Props to Dad for learning your steps so quickly flawlessly! The whole night was so much fun and Mark and I were so glad to see so many people and celebrate the night away! Thanks to everyone who helped us make so many great memories of our wedding day!

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Kelly Jean said...

I loved how unique & classy your reception was!! You looked beautiful! And I love how your Michelle-ness was just stamped on everything :) You're so much fun! Glad you had the perfect wedding day!!