Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1 Month Down...Forever To Go

Today is our 1 month anniversary, wohoo! To me it's gone by soo fast, I feels like it's been a week, but to Mark it feels like we've been married for months. Either way you see it though, we're just glad to have made it this far! haha

Being married has been so much fun! I love being able to snuggle all night long, cook meals together, fold laundry together, have mail addressed to both of us, it's awesome! Mark is such a sweetheart, too. This morning I walked into the bathroom and found 2 tickets to Cirque de la Symphony taped on my mirror with a note that read: "Michelle- I Love You. Love, Mark". I had briefly mentioned a few days ago that the concert sounded cool. Low and behold...today I had tickets! See what a sweet guy he is. LOVE YOU BABE!

Not much else in new in the life of M&M. We've finally got our apartment put together and it's feeling quite like home now. School is busy for both of us, but when is it ever not?

Oh..just a side note. I need people to convince Mark that Costco is AWESOME! I can't get him to side with me on the matter yet...yet!


Jessica said...

Mark. Costco is one of the most heavely places on the earth. Something about it takes all your cares away (until you go checkout). Just trust me on this one.

Beth said...

Tell him that it is Doug's FAVORITE store!! He LOVES going to Costco. Plus, you get all the food samples as you shop.