Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's time to VOTE!

Alright is the question of the day:

I can't decide if I should create a new blog with a URL more appropriate to my married status or not. I mean...I am no longer But I figure since this site is already established as being mine maybe I could get away with it for a while. But who knows, maybe 5 years from now people won't even know who Michelle HILL is...I will only be identified as a Montgomery. But if I change my URL to something Montgomery related than will everyone get lost and confused and not know where to look for my updates (not that anyone really cares)?

So, I am leaving the desicision up to my PEOPLE! (Please vote to the best of your knowledge)

DO I?....

A) Change my blog to a new URL to enhance my Montgomeryism
B) Keep my current Blog URL

1 comment:

kaceydaniels said...

CHANGE IT!! haha but you better let me know what your new address is so i can keep reading about your fabulous life! love you!