Saturday, September 5, 2009

Neck Pillows, Salt Water, and Towel Creatures

Mark and I had a blast on our Western Carribbean cruise! And we owe a special thanks to the following for making it so great:

Thankyou man with the Wooden Hat and fluffy lady who slept with her mouth open...the entire plane ride!

Thankyou neck pillow for making 8 hour plane rides bareable. You made us sleep til we drooled (p.s. sorry about that Mark).

Thankyou "Imagination" Safety Crew for making us all feel rediculous in times of danger...

Thankyou Cabin Attendant for making the most intricate towel creatures to amuse Mark.

Thankyou Mel Fisher for discovering a sunken ship full of Spanish Gold that we were able to touch

Thankyou ParaWest for letting us go Parasailing for half the price the cruise line offered. And THANKYOU Key West for having the most delicious Key Lime Pie!

Thankyou Mexicans for letting us go SCUBA DIVING even though we weren't certified.

Thankyou Chankanaab for the beautiful secluded beach, making Mexico feel like...well...not Mexico.

Thankyou "Imagination" for being so big and beautiful and carting us around the Caribbean Ocean.

And finally...Thankyou BubbaGumps for the delicious food and for fulfilling Mark's "Forest Gump" quotation quota for the year.

Thanks for the memories Honeymoon!


Robin said...

Yay!! I'm the first to comment on the new blog! I look forward to many wonderful Montgomery-filled blogs to come!

Kelly said...

Lovely new blog Michelle Montgomery!!! What a fun, romantic, perfect honeymoon!! Love your swimsuit, ps. So cute. Ah! I just love that you're married, high on life, and happily in love! Yay! :)