Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zombie Time

For those of you who don't friends and I have a history of turning into Zombies at this time of the year. This year...we did things a little different, tough. My friend Emily asked a handful of us to perform our Zombie dance at this year's "Homeless Pets of Utah" Halloween Fundraiser. Seeing how we love dressing up like zombies and we all love dancing, we were all in!

It was all kind of put together last minute. We learned/made up two dances in a matter of only two rehearsals and prayed the rest would all come together in the end. So, Saturday night we performed for a bunch of dog loving people and their pets.
It was actually really fun to perform again in front of a crowd. I haven't done such a thing since highschool. However, I also realized how bad of a dancer I have become over the past few years. It made me want to start to take dance classes again.

In spirit of's a little flashback of our original Zombie Dance "Thriller"

Oh...I guess I should also mention a side note that my family got a dog. I know..I know....what are they thinking. But my brothers apparently begged to victory, and now a little Shi Tzu puppy named "Chloe" is part of the family. But on behalf of my mothers request...please pray that my mother does not go insane. I think she will need it!


Jessica said...

You look creepy as ever with your zombiesque costumes. I think mom and Miss Chloe have bonded quite nicely.

MelanieBrenchley said...

You guys look awesome! Looks like it was fun...