Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beyonce Concert Stardom

If you just so happened to be watching the Beyonce- I Am Yours concert on ABC Thanksgiving probably saw my face flash across the screen.

But of probably would have never guessed it was me. Because why would Michelle be dressed up liked Beyonce reenacting the "Single Ladies" music video with her roommates? Well...that's a very good question that I will plead the fifth on answering. My only explanation...Friday night boredom.

But thanks to YouTube they snagged our "Single Ladies" remake and played a clip of it during the concert. How embarrassing...the world was not meant to see it. :)

(If you're daring, click on the link, and at approximately 36:20, you will see a flash of my face)


Beth said...

A star is born!!!

MelanieBrenchley said...

Wow, you are famous! That wasn't just your face...that was your whole body, in spandex! You are looking hot!