Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beautiful Wreckage

At only 1 1/2 years old, my beautiful Mazda has been crumpled to bits. I am so sad. She once looked like this...and oh, what a sweet happy day that was.

Now...she looks like this. A not so very happy day.

It has just not been my luck when it comes to cars. For those who don't know, three weeks ago I was hit by a drunk driver. I was stopped at a red light when the drunk driver smashed into the back of the car behind me, who then rear-ended me. Surprisingly, my car received little damage from this accident. Just a few paint scuffs and some scratches. I was so glad my car wasn't more damaged, but what a hassle it is to even deal with some other guys insurance to get a few scratches fixed. I really felt like someone had it in for me. I thought being rear-ended was bad enough. But try driving down the freeway at 65 mph to find the guy directly next to you just start moving right into your lane (withought checking his blind spot)....and you have no where to go but smash straight into the cement wall on the side of the freeway...and then flip a 180 and smash into again...and flip another 180 and end up with a squashed car from both ends stranded on the side of the freeway in the freezing cold. sucked. But if there is one thing I am grateful for it is the stupid guy that cut me off. Not becuase he cut me off, but becuase he was man enough to pull off to the side of the road and check on me, and then admit that it was his fault and he cut me off. And I'm grateful he admitted that to the police officer, who was able to get all of his insurance information so I wasn't stuck dealing with this all by myself. What a nightmare that would have been. So thankyou incompitant lazy driver who cut me off on the freeway and for not checking your blind spot. You really made my day.

So now I am stuck in a bit of rutt because my cute little Mazda is sitting all crumpled up in some wreckage ward just either waiting to be fixed or totaled. Part of me is hoping they can fix it, becuase I can't afford a new car. While the other part of me is praying they will total it because I didn't pay 20K to drive a car that is wrecked and has who-knows-what kind of hidden problems.

Oh what a day! And just in case you're curious too...someone asked me if I saw my life flash before my eyes. Another person asked if I thought of my loving husband while swirling around on the free way. Unfortunately, I recall my exact thoughts at that moment being "SHI* SHI* SHI* SHI*"........

Oh, what a great feeling it is to just be alive!


MelanieBrenchley said...

Dang, it is rotten to be a bad-driver magnet. I myself am an incompetant store-worker magnet. But your dilemma is defintely worse.

I was meaning to tell you the other night that you have the greatest skin ever. Is that what mine could have looked like (15 years ago) if I would just wear sunscreen like everyone says you should?

Love your guts. Mostly we are glad YOU are ok. The car can be replaced.

Beth said...

Ditto Melanie's comment...we are so glad that you are o.k. And if I could see your skin, I would think the same thing. Maybe one good thing, if you need a new car, is that the car companies are DESPERATE to sell cars. Especially the new 09's. So if you have to get a new one you have a good chance of getting a very good deal. Doug just got a new truck that they immediately, without any bargaining, took 14K off of the sticker and we just went lower from there. But as always, we are so thankful you are ok. And, those are the same words that would have been going through my head. (Unless Byron is reading this, and then the words would have been...Gosh darn it...)

Jessica said...

Oh Michelle - Your cute car in pieces! I remember the day you got it - You wouldn't take your own food home from the restaurant - Instead I took it so your car wouldn't "stink"! I'm just glad you are alive - and I'm pretty sure those are the words that would have been coming out of my a few more.

Kelly Jean said...

Wow, that sucks! Glad you're okay. Wait, are you? Dang it, I hate stupid drivers.