Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twirling Girls

Today I saw two little girls (about 3 and 5) twirling and dancing around the meat aisle at the grocery store. They were so cute, just staring up at the ceiling with their arms out twirling to the music overhead.

Their dad keep yelling at them to catch up, but they just kept twirling. One of the girls got a little too dizzy I think because she starting getting tipsy and smashed into a pile of stacked boxes and fell on the ground. It didn't phase her for a second, she just got right back up and kept twirling...this time with her tongue stuck out.

And yes...I was the creep at the grocery store that stood and watched the whole thing. But it made me laugh (out loud), and my heart smiled. It reminded me of what I was probably doing 18 years ago with my mom in the grocery store.


Ale and Emily said...

Ha ha the first time I read the end I taught it said, "It reminded me of what I was doing when I was 18 years old with my mom in the grocery store." Little girls are so cute!

kaceyd said...

i wish i could still do that. i'm super jealous of those little girls. want to reenact this sometime??

Kelly Jean said...

Ah, adorable! Reminds me of You've Got Mail... "My mother and I used to twirl.." :) I love the simplicity of kids.. and people who appreciate their unashamed, innocent, bold selves.