Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When President's Day becomes Lovely

So as mentioned before, Mark and I didn't really get to do much of anything for Valentine's Day. So...we decided to make President's Day our Valentine's Day.

Since we had the day off school, it was a rare occasion for us to get the spend the day together. So we took advantage of it and spent literally every second of that day with each other.

It started out with pink heart shaped waffles for breakfast, Cafe Rio for lunch, then going to see "Valentine's Day", and ending with a fabulous feast at Market Street Grill.

Valentine's Day was a cute show, but somewhat cluttered (if you asked me). I thought it had some cute stories in it but it also had some really dumb Taylor Swift. But we laughed and enjoyed it and thought it was pretty entertaining.

Market Street Grill took the cake for me though. I LOVE Market Street Grill. Fresh fish...MMM! Mark had never been, so I was excited for him to experience one of the most delicious meals he would ever have!

Here's Mark with his "most delicious looking prime rib" he has ever seen.

And I with my tender Halibut filet.


Kelly Jean said...

Ah, how fun!! That fish sounds heavenly.

Jessica said...

Oh I'm so glad Mark finally got to enjoy the wonderfulness of Marketstreet! And those heart shaped pink waffle's sound delightful - did they have ice cream on top? and were they created with a certain waffle iron that may or may not belong to your sister? If so I'm glad you are using it because I obviously am not!

Christine Frandsen said...

thanks for the migraine advice- i went to the dr. yesterday- but blurry vision today again. He prescribed some pain killer, which hopefully works. Your ER story is scary though- I hope they don't get that serious!

Travis & Addie Ohrn said...

Looks amazing! and you look adorable!

Blake and Kathryn said...

How fun! So glad you guys got to spend the day together! And Market Street Grill? Ya don't get much better than that! :o)