Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Overload...

Mark and I got to share our birthday's this weekend. His was on Friday (March 12th) and mine was on Saturday (March 13th). Even though we shared our birthday's last year, I still find it amusing that our birthday's are so close together. It kind of works out perfect though, because Mark HATES Birthdays. So, his is somewhat taken over by mine. And I LOVE Birthdays, so I get to party double hard.

Friday Night we went out with my fam for a little birthday dinner at Mark's favorite...Macaroni Grill! I am sad I forgot to take my camera to the restaurant with us because this crazy waiter came and sang "Happy Birthday" OPERA STYLE to Mark. We were all trying so hard not to laugh. Needless to say...Mark didn't very much appreciate the attention, but he was a sweetheart and tolerated my love of celebration anyway.

After dinner we gathered for a little gift opening. My parent's got us a few little things and some new shirts.

Shane and Jessica gave us gift cards to once again our favorite place...Macaroni Grill. Along with some Colds Stone cash.

Parker made me a fabulous apron at school...he is quite the creative little guy. All in all, I would say we were pretty darn spoiled! Even more so with our gifts from Byron and Catherine (Mark's parents). Who doesn't love cash?

Mark, being the weird little duckling that he is, isn't much of a cake fan. Of all the cakes in the world there is only one kind of cake he likes. Raspberry Cream-cheese Cake. So, I stole the recipe from Melanie (Thanks Mel!), and attempted to make it as good as those who have made it before. I'd say it turned out pretty good. And Mark was pleased to have the only cake worth eating on his birthday!



MelanieBrenchley said...

Oooh, your cake looks perfect!!! The cream cheese layer (the best layer) looks nice and thick! You have done "the red cake" proud. I'm glad your b-days were fun. I think that is so cool to have them together. Maybe you can coax Mark into liking b-days now that it is right by yours! I mean, what's not to like about birthdays? I usually have mine planned out months in advance.

Kelly Jean said...

Woohoo!! What a fun birthday bash! :) That cake looks, sounds, and smells (I swear I can smell it right now) delicious. Mmm.

Beth said...

I agree with did an awesome job on the cake. Happy Birthday you two!!