Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh what a wonderful feeling... is to finally be done with MATH!

That's right, I tested OUT of Math 1050! Never again do I need to calculate the radius of circle or solve for ln5(1/125)=x.

You might be asking why I had to test out of math. Well...somehow I managed to go all 4 years of college without ever completing my math requirement. Luckily, I slipped through the schools system and didn't have to worry about it.... until recently...when I realized I would soon be graduating only if I could complete math in time.

Weber requires students to take the Accuplacer test to determine what math level skill you have. When I first took the test I tested in to Math 950 (that's like the ultimate bottom of all math classes). I wasn't about to take 2 additional years of math classes just to graduate. So I turned to Acer Placer to help me test out of math in just a few short months.

This is where I become a testimonial for Acer Placer....they are awesome. I gradually worked my way up, getting higher placements in math. The Accuplacer test is made up of 3 sections: Elementary math, Algebra, and College Math. You have to get at least a score of 70 on the third section to completely test your way out of math. I kept getting so close...58...63....64...but I never seemed to make it to 70.

I gave up for a while, mainly because I got busy with my other school work...and life. Mark (bless his heart) kept encouraging me to take it but I was sooo fed up with it by then that even hearing the word "math" made me steam with fury. But after several reminders, I finally decided I just needed to get it done and OVER WITH.

I woke up early Saturday morning originally planning to go into my internship to get a few extra hours. As I was preparing for the day, though, I had this feeling that I should stay home and study really hard and go take the test just one more time. I knew it was what I needed to do, so I packed up my books and headed to the school for a 5 hour cramming sessions. I KNEW all the equations and I KNEW what I was doing, I KNEW I KNEW I just needed the computer to know I knew it too!

I prayed with all my heart as I walked in to take that test that it would be the last time I ever had to take it. Section 1 was a breeze (percentages, dividing, fractions, blah, blah, blah). Section 2 was a bit more of a challenge but do-able none the less. Then section 3 came along and I thought I was doomed. I had questions I had NEVER received before. There were questions I had NEVER even heard of. Pretty soon I started to think I was NEVER going to pass this stupid test. But I kept that prayer in my heart the entire time! I wanted it so badly, and when I submitted that very last questions I closed my eyes and was afraid to look at my score.

To my surprise it read 79! Holy cow! Before I couldn't break 70 and here I was...almost breaking 80! I seriously jumped out of my chair and looked around the testing lab to see if anyone else was as excited for me and I was. I ran over the test administer and exclaimed "I think I tested out of math! You just need a 70, right?!" Of course...he had no idea. He just handed me my test results and sent me on my way.

I was ecstatic. I'm pretty sure I remember twirling down the hallway on my way out. I tried to call Mark but he was at work, so I called my mom instead. I screamed into the phone "I AM DONE WITH MATH." We rejoiced and was so great.

Now, I realize most of you are thinking, "Big Deal...I finished Math all the way back in High School." And all I can really say to that is good for you. But for me, after having a 4 year burden of Math on my shoulders, I was so relieved to finally have the weight gone.

I seriously don't know how I passed that test, all I can say is that my prayers were answered! The light at the end of the tunnel seems so much closer now. For once, graduating from college suddenly seems like a reality. In just 4 weeks I will be receiving my degree. I can't believe it's all finally coming to an end.


MelanieBrenchley said...

No more math?! What a giant relief for you. That is so awesome! I am proud of you cute girl! You kids were much missed this weekend!!!

Jessica said...

BEST news of the day! Now lets just do a little hip-hip-hooray and then plan an icecream date to celebrate!

Beth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! (Doug said that when you type e-mails in all caps it means your shouting....yes, it is a happy shout for you!!)