Monday, April 5, 2010

These wheels were made for spinning...

...and that's just what they'll do in a foot of snow!

I can't believe how much bloody snow there suddenly is outside! And this isn't just your typical January light fluffy snow...this is your hard dense packed miserable snow...IN APRIL!

Let me recap my adventures from this evening for you... (Please feel free to reference the map along the way)

6:30- Drove to the testing center to take my accounting test. It was raining pretty heavy.

8:50- Completed by test and walked outside to find a couple inches of snow. Drove to Walmart to pick up some pictures and buy some groceries.

9:15- Left Walmart, found my car covered in SEVERAL inches of snow. I was wearing leggings and a sweater and scrapped by windows with my broken ice-scrapper for about 10 minutes. Got in my car drenching wet to discover my scrapping of windows was absolutely pointless...I still couldn't see out my windows.

9:25- Attempted to make it up the hill on 40th...found 3 cars attempting to do the same thing. No one succeeded. Slid a U-turn and headed for another street.

9:35- Finally made it to Washington Blvd....but got stuck in heading up the big hill toward South Ogden. Watched my speedometer reach 40 mph while I remained perfectly stationary. Decided to slide another U-y and try going up 40th again.

9:50- Made it about half way up 40th...when I ran into another pile of cars attempting the same thing. I can still hear the beautiful sound of tires spinning.... Slid yet another U-turn and sought refuge at a near by gas station.

10:10- Patiently waited for a plow truck to make it's way to 40th street. It didn't happen. Called Mark and told him not to drive home from work, but when he did make it home, to come pick me up at the gas station.

10:20- Finally saw a plow heading up Adams Avenue...chased after it. It led me to no where and once I couldn't keep up with it I eventually once again got stuck. This time...sliding backward down a huge hill ramming my car into the curb. I was stuck...waiting...and eventually somehow managed to get myself unstuck and headed back to the gas station.

10:30- Decided to try 40th one more time. This time...I MADE IT! Veeeery slowly though. But then once stuck trying to turn right onto Harrison Blvd.

10:35- U-turned my way back around and made my way through a Smith's parking lot (which happened to be the only thing plowed in the whole area).

10:40- Made it onto Harrison (finally!) and heading for home. Somehow managed to make it through Shadow Valley and onto HWY89.

10:50- Attempted to turn left into my neighborhood...but couldn't get enough momentum to make it up the hill. Flipped a U-y and heading to the other side of the road so I could get some speed and make it up the hill.

10:55- Made it up the hill with my wheels spinning like they've never spun before!

11:00- HOME!

p.s. i love you little mazda...but you are no bueno in snow storms...

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Lauren and Steve said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! This was so entertaining! I'm just glad you made it home without getting into an accident! Way to go chica!