Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In one week from now, I will be in California. Soaking up the sun (and probably getting fried). I can't wait!

On another note, does anyone love wallpaper as much as I do? And I'm not talking about old lady cottage and apples wallpaper. I'm talking about modern hip wallpaper. Like this... You won't find any grape ivy's on these beauties. Someday...wallpaper and I will become very close friends.


Kelly Jean said...

Oooh, I DO love it! So cute! I want to become close friends with it too.

kaceyd said...

That wallpaper is adorable. I think only you could pull it off. Or I may have to steal it once I enter into the age of wallpaper.

Lauren said...

ohhh California??? So lucky! I only made it to St. George for our southern vacation this summer. Are you staying in our favorite condos? Enjoy the sunshine and ocean! Watch out for asians with cameras!