Sunday, June 20, 2010

BBQ, Baseball, Pigs, Scones, and Fathers

This past weekend Mark came home from his 2 weeks of AT. It was SO GOOD to see him again and have him back to his normal healthy happy self. On Friday they had a little Family Social BBQ for all the National Guard folk. It was good to meet some of Marks fellow army men and see first hand where all his crazy stories come from.

My parents went out of the town for the weekend for their anniversary so we stayed with my little bros for a few days. We tried to come up with some cheap fun activities for us to do while we tended.
For starters, we went this guys baseball game where he totally ruled the diamond. He's quite the well-rounded player from pitcher, to hitter, to outfielder. What a stud.

On Saturday we went to Wheeler Farm. Can't tell you the last time I went there, but I used to love it and Mark had never been so we went and checked out all the farm animals. I LOVE THE LITTLE PIGGIES!
This is my favorite! Mark whipping Alex with wheat on the horse buggie...

That night we made scones. They were delish (not so much for breakfast the next morning).

Fathers Day was also a joyous occasion. I got together with the fam for a big old dinner. Wish I had pictures...but forgot the cam. Regardless...HAPPY FATHERS DAY POPS!

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Jessica said...

Our dad sure is a keeper! Looks like your weekend was a blast!