Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cake Balls

Well at least they look delicious, right!? Which is exactly why I wanted to try them for myself in the first place (thanks Bakerella). However, after making them myself I decided they don't taste as fabulous as they look, but I wouldn't completely nix them.
The recipe actually called for red velvet cake, but for some unknown reason the grocery store was out of red velvet cake I tried a Devil's cake instead (that could've been my problem!). Regardless, they were really fun to make. They take ALOT of time and patience, but decorating them was worth it!


Kristie said...

They are super yummy made with red velvet cake, but the mixes are hard to find around here. The only place I've found that carries them is at Walmart.

Emma said...

i agree with you about the cake balls, i made bakerella's around valentine's day with the red velvet and i just wasn't a fan. too much frosting seemed to make them way too moist. they're fun, but i think i'd rather have a cupcake :)

yours are fabulous!!

Mariel Torres said...

they look beautiful... and absolutely delicious :)