Sunday, June 6, 2010

I live in a beautiful world...

I don't know why today was so extraordinary from any other beautiful day....perhaps I just recognized it more, but I witnessed some of Gods finest creations to the fullest. For starters....this beauty beamed into the sky at about 8:15 this evening. It was actually a double rainbow!

As I sat and awed at it I got that comforting feeling that comes with what a rainbow stands for. Thank you, Lord, for giving us such promises and signs of your existence.

Secondly, as I was driving back home to Ogden the view was absolutely stunning. The clouds were still brewing overhead from the thunderstorms and the sun was sending vibrant shades of blue, lighting up the sky as it set, darkening the mountains in the midst of it all.



Christine Frandsen said...

Biggest/most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen, it was amazing. So cool!

Kelly Jean said...

Amen!!! That was absolutely gorgeous! So vivid! The colors of the sky, and the way the lighting hit the mountains... wow. God's so creative with His masterpieces :)