Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spontaneous Campout

At approximately 8:00 Friday night I pulled Mark out of bed to take me camping. I don't know why, but earlier in the week I had this really great idea to go camping. We asked a few friends to come along, but after plans didn't work out I sort of forgot about it...until Friday. Mark was still sleeping from his night shift and was lovingly awoken by me with a big grin on my face asking, "Still want to go camping!?"

Really, he had no choice. I had already gone to the store and purchased marshmallows, grahams, chocolate, stadium brats, and buns. Since it was so late in the evening we hurried and packed up the truck with our camping gear and drove up to North Fork in Eden for a camp out.

By the time we got the campgrounds it was dark and there was no one at the gate to assign us a camping a spot. So, we drove around for another hour trying to find a empty one. That's right...there were no empty camping spots. Seriously....who in their right mind plans and reserves camping spots for a perfectly warm July Friday night?! Come on people! Anyway, we ended up finding a not so fabulous camping spot (I think it may have really been a picnic site) and set up camp.
As lame as it was that we were there all alone sitting around a campfire roasting brats and S'mores....we had a great time. It was fun to just get out of our house and spend some time together doing something other than watching a movie.

The next morning we sat around the fire for a little longer and then broke down camp and headed home. It was probably the shortest camping experience of my life, but one to remember. And all without paying a cent (the campgrounds keeper didn't even stop us on the way out).


Mike and Kathryn said...

You have no idea how fun camping sounds to me right now. You've just inspired me to plan a camping trip just for Mike and me when I'm done with school this summer!! So thank you ha.

Emma said...

sounds like so much fun! smores are sounding really good to me right now.

Chels... said...

How FUN! Spontaneous trips are the best!

Blake and Kathryn said...

What a blast! Bonus that it was free! :o)