Monday, July 12, 2010


I LOVE fireworks. They're so beautiful. My favorite are the ones that sparkle and glitter as they fall down, and the fluorescent purple/blue ones. Fabulous!

Anyway, Mark and I went to Weber State's fireworks last night. We got there super early thinking it would be hard to find parking and a good spot to see the fireworks. Not so much. Parking was a breeze and we were the only ones sitting on the hill for a good hour. I guess next year we know not to be so anxious.
In our spare time we kicked it and watched the sunset. Also quite lovely.In case you missed out, here's a little video of the FINALE.

I also have to show you my new dress. Isn't it fabulous! Yes, fabulous! (Even if Mark thinks it looks like it's made out of the drapes from the Sound of Music...)


SLC said...

thanks for the video! We sure do miss heading to Weber State for the show. My favorite is when we had tiny Carter and the boys all shared turns carrying the huge love sac to and from. It was a good idea when we were at the apartment.... :) Love your dress! Did you make it? I made one a few years ago that was also referred to as something similar to drapes :) Whatever. They just don't know!!!!!!

Kelly Jean said...

We're in the Stillwater Apartments :) That's awesome! Seems like a good ward! And I LOVE that dress!!! So so cute. Where'd you get it?!

MelanieBrenchley said...

Don't listen to Mark. It's gorgeous! (And so are you...)

Ale and Emily said...

You are looking so cute! Hope everything is going well for you guys! Miss you!