Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a HAIR you can HEAR

Ooooh my goodness... This morning I was cleaning out my ears with a Q-tip when all of the sudden it felt like I had shoved a piece of cotton down my ear. I tried to dig it out, but no luck. Then I doubled mirrored it to see if I could look down inside and actually see anything. No luck. So I figured whatever it was it would eventually fall out.

Throughout the day my ear kept bugging me and every time I touched my ear I could hear a little "crinkle crinkle crinkle". I thought for SURE I had a piece of cotton wedged down deep. It was driving me insane!

That night when I got home from work Mark got into nurse mode and tried every home remedy possible to try to get it out. I held my ear open while he tried to fit a flashlight and tweezers into my small little ear. After that didn't work, he tried squirting water into my ear to flush it out. And when that didn't work, we called up the local Urgent Care just to see if they would let us borrow their Otoscope so Mark could actually see inside my ear to figure out what was stuck inside. Luckily, the Urgent Care let us come in and borrow their Otoscope (thank goodness Mark knows how to talk medical lingo).

So, we get to the Urgent Care and Mark looks inside my ear to find a HAIR! What the! How in the heck did I shove a hair inside my ear. The tiniest bit of the tip of the hair was lying right on my eardrum, making the most annoying sound!

Mark had to then put a little needle catheter inside my ear so he could dislodge the hair from where it was, then ever so carefully (and mind you this hurt like crazy and I had to remain perfectly still so we wouldn't puncture my ear drum) Mark grabbed the end of the hair with his tweezers and pulled it out! Voila!

Do you see how HUGE that thing is!? I can't believe that was stuck in my eardrum. No wonder it was bugging me so much. I am so glad Mark was able to get it out. Lawzee! I pray you never get a hair stuck in you ear. It's No Beuno.

And...thank goodness I have a hubby who can take care of my bizarre medical issues. If it weren't for him, I'd still be hearing that annoying "crinkle crinkle crinkle" all night long.


The Green's said...

Hi this is Rob Green's wife Tiffany. It looks like it is always an adventure for you two. I have to agree it is very handy to have a nurse for a husband. You are welcome to check out our blog. You can see pics of our new little kiddo. He us such a great baby! And, I dint know if rob has past on the word yet or not, but he got into the bsn program at weber. We start this fall!! Finally!!!

MelanieBrenchley said...

Is it wrong that I'm laughing at this? You two are hilarious!

Jessica said...

Best! Sounds like we both had adventures last night -- Only I glued my husbands finger together because he nearly chopped his thumb off at work. Glad your ER husband could give us good advice and save us a rediculous co-pay.

Jemmily said...

ooohhhh mmmyyyyy....of course this would happen to you! Thank for your detailed nd hilarious decription. Glad you are feeling better!