Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ridin' Dirty to Ben Lomond Peak

To preface...I must say that I am very lucky to have husband who believes I can conquer anything and can do anything the world. But there was a lesson well learned in this situation...Never overestimate ones abilities and underestimate the challenge. Mark had a great idea to take me riding up to the top of Ben Lomond peak. For him, this seemed like such a simple task. Ride 45 minutes up, hike 30 minutes to the top, turn around and cruise on down the mountain. Now let me remind you that I am still a beginner, although you could consider me somewhat of a natural on a bike. Let me map for you exactly what our journey entailed:

This is Mount Ben Lomond. We started to the right in the North Ogden Pass. We zig-zagged our way up the mountain, where we then moved over to the other side of the mountain and proceeded to do more zig-zaggs. Then, we came back out onto the front side and drove across to the base of Ben Lomond peak, where we then zig-zagged some more till we go no further. From there, we hiked the rest of the way to the top. Mind you...Mark has completed this route in about an hour. It took us 2 hours, way to go Michelle!

Coming down was SUPPOSE to be a cinch, too. "It's just like riding a mountain bike, all you have to do it stay in neutral and use your breaks." I'm sorry, but A) mountain bikes don't weigh 300 pounds, B) mountain bike breaks are much much simpler, C) I've never actually ridden a mountain biked on such terrain so I don't even know what it's suppose to feel like. Anyway...after a much dreaded and almost life threatening descent, we made it back down. Total time...6 hours. Once again...Go Me! Regardless, it was such a great experience and the ride was beautiful (at least I think it was...all I can really remember is looking about 5 feet in front of me at all times).

Here we are about 1/4 of the way up when we crossed over the other side of the mountain and had a beautiful view of the valley.

This was about the last time you could see our car. No going back now.

We made it to the top!

My attempt at creating a panoramic view of Ogden from atop the peak.

The view was amazing. And check out that awesome shot I got of that eagle.

So if you've ever hiked up to Ben Lomond peak you're probably thinking, "What is she complaining about, it's not that hard to hike up." To you I say, try doing it on a motorbike where at any second you could tweak your handle bars and drive off the 2 foot wide trail and plummet to you death (which I nearly did on several occasion). Then come talk to me...


Bryce and Lauren said...

it's unfortunate that there wasn't a way to just ditch the bikes and ride a snowboard down on your butt at high speeds shouting curse words...ha ha i've been there when it was challenging and Mark is a trooper for cheering you all the way! Way to go Montgomery's!

Mike and Kathryn said...

Haha you guys are so hard core...I'm such a whimp with any form of mountain biking, motor or not, it scares me!!

Ryan and Tori said...

Wow! Nice job Michelle! Remember when you were driving the four wheeler at Bear Lake and you really did tweak the handle bars and drove us off a small cliff! Ha ha! Good thing that didn't happen this time! :) Looks like fun though!

Chels said...

Dude, way to go.

I would've failed. Straight up.