Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shark Bait...Muahaha!

So I didn't have time to post about our fabulous adventure to the Living Planet Aquarium last it's going up now. Our brother-in-law, Evan, is one of the head honchos over all the little fishes and other swimming/creepy crawling things. So we got a "behind the scenes" tour by one of the most knowledgeable fish tour guides you will ever find.

(I realize you can't really tell....but there are cute, stinky, cold little penguins behind us)

Not only did we see adorable penguins, but a huge anaconda too. If you look in that first picture we're all holding it's recent shedding. It wrapped all the way around me, Even, Clint, & Kristin. Eek! We also played with the sting-ray, saw the secret village of talking parrots, and even gazed down into the shark tank!

If you haven't ever been to the aquarium I would highly recommend it. It makes for fun afternoon, and I'd imagine you could stay there forever if you had kids to take along. Thanks again Evan & Robin for taking the time of your day to show us around. We had a blast.

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Kelly Jean said...

Funny, Nick & I were just talking about going there the other week! We didn't go (yet), but it looks cool! I love Penguins :)