Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Mixed" Decisions

I'll be honest with myself...I am the WORST decision maker in the entire world. And I know exactly what my problem is...but I don't know how to fix it. Problem: When faced with multiple fabulous options I can never pick just ONE!

Exhibit A: Earlier this evening I went to go exchange my KitchenAid for a different one. I had the Heavy Duty Bowl-Lift model, but was never completely satisfied with it. The mixer would never get the bottom or sides of the bowl so I always ended up hand mixing the dang thing anyway. So...I went to exchange it for the traditional Tilt-Head mixer.

So as I sat staring at all the different colors of mixers you can get now I ran into my common decision dilemma. I thought, "Oooh, Tangerine is fun! Maybe Red? Whites always reliable though. Stainless steel is sleek. This Grey looks kind of cool and industrial. I wish they had my favorite Martha Stewart Blue one."

About 10 minutes later of just plain staring at the mixers a sales associate came up to me and asked me if I needed any help finding a mixer. I panicked and quickly chose the Grey industrial colored one, because it seemed fun and different.

Then I got home, opened the box, and didn't even pull it out because I knew I chose the wrong color! Just by seeing the tiniest sliver of the mixer through the packing I could already tell that the Grey would look terrible. I should have gone with the stainless steel. Dag Nabit! So next week I will have to make one more stop to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to once again face the wall of colorful mixers.

Now, take what you just learned about me from Exhibit A and let's apply it to Exhibit B....

Exhibit B: After months and months of searching and applying for jobs, and not hearing a single word back on any of them, 3 different jobs opportunities suddenly decide to present themselves at the same time!!! I can barely pick out a bloody mixer. How the "you know what" am I supposed to pick between different jobs!

So once again, I find myself staring at a wall of colorful options and don't have the slightest clue which ONE to pick. I've been offered a full-time job at Nordstrom's, but have been invited back to second interview for Then I hope to also get this job working in marketing for Iasis hospitals. They're all so different!

I know I love to shop at Nordstrom, and I really think I would like working there (Reliable White), but would it really give me the kind of experience I need? The position is a bit of a gamble, but seems like a great opportunity to get some merchandising experience (The Flashy Tangerine). The healthcare marketing job would be a dream, but at this point it seems more it a dream then a reality due to my lack of experience (Desired Sleek Stainless Steel).

I just don't want to end up picking the "Grey" job that I'll get home and decide it doesn't suite my style...if you know what I mean. Only this time I can't just exchange one job for another. Ahhh!


kaceyd said...

Oh my heck. I am having the same dilemma minus the mixers. I have waited all summer for a job and then on friday I had 2 offers...what is a girl to do?? I hope you can make a decision better than I can! Good luck lady!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Ale and Emily said...

FYI: I hated JCPenny! I don't know if Nordstroms would be the same but I would never do retail again!

Emma said...

oh my goodness, such big decisions girl. good luck picking a job, just pray pray pray :) and get the martha stewart blue one, i have it and it's a dream!!!

Kelly Jean said...

Oh man, I feel ya! I kinda feel like you just described me. :) I'm horrible at making decisions - and it's definitely hardest when they're all good options.

I say go big or go home ;) Go for the dream job, and if it doesn't work out, you can always get a "grey" one in the meantime.