Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cabbage? And Squash?

Remember my delicious basket of fruits and veggies? Well, it's been a week and the majority of it has been consumed! I had absolutely no idea what to do with the cabbage and butternut squash though. Neither seemed to intrigue my pallet, so needless to say they were both neglected for quite some time. After much research (and mustering up the courage to try something new), I found some recipes that I thought might liven them up a bit.

First, the cabbage (for some reason I keep picturing cabbage patch dolls prancing around...freaky). I found a recipe for an Oriental Chicken Salad. I recall having this once upon a time at a baby shower or something. Of course you would expect that...cabbage seems to be such a dainty food. It turned out pretty delicious and made for a perfect TV dinner for me Friday night.

Secondly, I found this recipe for Butternut Squash Bread earlier on in the week. I just never had the time to whip it up...until today. I was sort of hesitant to try it out because vegetable are NOT my forte. However, I knew that pumpkin bread and zucchini bread always turned out why not butternut squash? And I was right! It was Ta-huh-asty!

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SLC said...

Oriental chicken cabbage salad is THE BEST! It used to seem like a fall-back meal if we needed something quick but both Luke and I love it so much we think of it as a treat! Such a simple thing :) I LOVE SQUASH! Cook it up and puree it and put it in ANYTHING(if you get a lot of it this fall or something) and we also love baking it. MMMMMM I love fall. Baby D wants your bread right now....REALLY BAD :)