Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling Festive

I love this time of year! When the leaves in the mountains start to change, the crisp cool air, the smell of baked spices, my cozy warm sweaters, and most of all...Halloween.

Over LDS conference weekend I got together with my mom and sister for a girls night. We attempted to create our own harvest decor. We went to our favorite wholesale store, Taiwan Imports, and picked out some festive flowers and garnishments.

I found these "witchy" feathers that I absolutely love! I don't know why, but if I could dream up the perfect Witch she would be covered in purple and black feathers (for those of you who remember our know I have an odd obsession with feathers as it is).

I also put together a little candle vase full of "corn treats" (did I get it right this time Montgomery's?). Now if only I could keep Mark from eating out of it...

And that's about as plain and simple as I get for Halloween this year. Some day I would love to totally deck out my place with all sorts of spooky and fall-ish things. But for glittery home-made feathery pumpkin will do!


Lauren and Steve said...

I love it Michelle!! I love this time of year.. I posted a couple of days ago about my Halloween decor.. Mostly free or cheap!! I love the fall!

Jessica said...

Corn treats? Really? They are clearly called Candy Corn. Your little pumpkin turned out very cute. If you want more fall decor you are welcome to come take what we got for our wedding - It's pretty SCARY stuff!