Thursday, October 14, 2010


Although I consider starting the dishwasher and moving clothes from one machine to the other hard work...I still feel as if I have wasted the day. Sure, I made a loaf of pumpkin bread...just to turn around and eat it while sitting on my lazy A. YUM!

So what have I been doing all day?'re looking at it. I started out my day blog stalking (surprise) and decided there were far to many cute blogs out there. I'm not talking about those "cutestblogontheblock" cookie cutter ones (please don't hate me for publicly stating my dislike for them). I'm talking about those cute blogs you see and automatically know whose they are because they match their personality to a tee. So I spent the majority (yes....majority) of my day trying to figure out HTML and CSS and whatever other stupid languages computers speak. And let me tell is not easy. I failed magnificently over and over again.

But...I think I've got it to a good first ending point. I wanted my blog to be simple and clean...and I think I've achieved that. There is still A LOT I would like to figure out and do...but lets face it, it took me all day just to figure this much out.'s to Productivity?


Christine Frandsen said...

agreed. so sick of how my not so cutest-blog-on the block cuts off my pictures so they are little tiny guys.

yours looks great!

Kelly Jean said...

Haha, hey I think it's productive! I mean, HTML/CSS/Social-network shmiz is the next big thing, right? Great job, it looks fantastic!

Your mom & I had a nice chat about you last night :) You're so fun & stylish & I just love you!

Emma said...

it looks fabulous!! love the new clean look.

MelanieBrenchley said...

Hey, I like how your text isn't in a skinny column. Way to go girl.

Meggara said...

michelle neat and clean is all i ever wanted! and i settled for a weird girl sitting on a fence post. you go girl.