Friday, October 8, 2010

This weather calls for...

(I added some lime juice and chicken broth to make this recipe even more delish)

Mmm...Nothing to warm you up better than some hot soup! I have been freezing ALL day! And seeing how today is my day off, I've managed to stay in my warm fuzzy robe. And my grandma slippers are just the trick for my cold little feetsies.

I'm not the only one cold around here though....some sort of creature managed to find its way inside our walls! It's been driving me crazy all day. I heard little scurrying noises in the ceiling and then about 10 minutes later I heard whatever it is fall down one of the walls. I'm assuming it's stuck because it's been scratching the wall for hours now.

I'm somewhat hoping it will just die sooner than later (so I don't have to keep hearing it), but I don't want that either because then it will just rot and decay in my walls. Will it smell? Will I have an outbreak of maggots? Ahh!

So...Any suggestions on what to do with wall-lurking creatures?


Jessica said...

sounds GROSS! Remember that time a creature died above the kitchen sink at mom and dad's. The stench was awful - and to this day when I light a christmas candle I can smell it. I hope you don't have to deal with a stench in the house.

Robin said...

Yeeeaaaah...I'm pretty sure it will stink. Trust me. Just ask Evan about the Wrath of Robin when one of his "you-know-whats" doesn't eat their dinner and he doesn't notice it for a day or two. I HATE IT!!! But I'm also pretty sure you won't have to deal with maggots.

Yikes, let's change the subject. Your soup looks fabulous!!

MelanieBrenchley said...

Mmmmm. Your soup looks supa-delish. Probably even better with a nice dessert of CORN TREATS!!!
ps - good luck with the you-know-what. If you need to borrow Smokey for a couple days, just say the word.

Lauren and Steve said...

Made the soup and we LOVED it!! Thanks for the idea!!

Jemmily said...

Making the potato soup recipe off that same blog tonight! Thanks for the link! YUM!