Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Hallows Eve

I suppose I can now unveil our Halloween costumes since all festivities are done and over with. Are you ready? Drum roll please.......

The Dread Pirate Roberts & Princess Buttercup

Alright...so what if we look like Zorro and a member of the Tabernacle Choir. For a last minute homemade costume I'll take whatever I can get! Mark's costume looked pretty awesome on him. I may be a little impressed with my sewing skills on that one...even if my dress did end up looking like graduation robes...so what.

We had such a great Friday night with our friends. Look at all these fabulous people in the fierce costumes:
It's quite a change up from our usual Zombie attire (see here, and here). Everyone looked great though, and we had such a fun time playing games and catching up. FYI...Mark and I took second place in "The Newlywed Game"...PROPS!

AND....I just love these girls

On Halloween we went to my Grandma's annual Halloween Party. As usual...we stuffed ourselves silly with delicious treats and goodies. The chil'ens showed off their costumes (and some of the adults too) and we laughed at each other as we attempted to pick up a paper bag with our teeth while standing on one foot...
Notice how the bag gets progressively smaller as you go. Lets just say it's not as easy at looks. Shane won with extreme grace while the rest of us face planted into the ground. It was pretty funny.
And how about a little "Hat" musical chairs? Yes...my family is easily entertained.

Sad to say we never got around to carving any pumpkins or treat-or-treating, but our Halloween was still a success!


Robin said...

What the what??? You cannot post such awesome pictures like that because I just read your blog during class. I laughed out loud when I shouldn't have been laughing at all! Ok, I know it's my fault because I should be paying attention in class...blah, blah, blah. Thanks for the smiles!

Jessica said...

What a fun collection of pictures. Yes our family is quite easy to entertain but I like them that way.

P.S. Will you please send me the picture of Shane and I as our former selves?