Saturday, November 13, 2010

Basement Remodel

So while my dad was out of town on a golf trip this week my mother spontaneously decided to remodel her basement to surprise him when he get back. All I can say is I'm not entirely sure how they manage to build a whole house in a week on TV! We had only minutes to spare to do just a basement. Anyway...I had such a great time throwing around ideas and designing the rooms with my mom.

Needless to say...the basement was sort of a furniture graveyard. Anything that didn't have a place in the rest of the house managed to make its way down here. Nothing really matched and it was all a big unorganized.


Isn't it so darling!? It has such a clean fresh look to it now. And it looks so much brighter now without all that dark furniture.I realize it's hard to tell in the photos...but we changed the wall color (which is where most of the work took place).

We're totally bringing wallpaper back! And the new TV is pretty awesome...wish it was mine. I think this was my dads favorite part.

Love our fun choice of fabrics. Such character and color. (p.s. In need of an upholsterer? Rico's Upholstery in South Jordan is bomb diggity. He recovered the ottomans and chair cushions).

So we also redid my brothers bedroom, the bathroom, and the game room...but I failed to get pictures. They may come later.


Kelly Jean said...

Wow, I love it!! Looks like a page out of a magazine. Nice work :)

McCall said...

Love the ottoman fabric!

Christine Frandsen said...

Looks real nice... and reminds me of playing video games in your basement... haha (Mario Cart I think?) How about you come to NJ and fix my attempt at decorating. That'd be great.