Friday, November 12, 2010

Broken Heart


To anyone and everyone who ever made fun of me for my heavy breathing while exercising...HA! Turns out I'm not as out of shape as you thought...I just got a big fat hole in my heart!

Update: I should note that my holey heart is no big deal. Please do not fret. I'm simply fascinated by how the human body functions. One simple surgery and I'll be running like a steam engine.

On a lighter note...stay tuned to see the basement remodel my mother are in the midst of completing...It's going to be FABULOUS!


The Styers said...

Oh no Michelle are you ok!?

Meggara said...

michelle. you can't just talk about a hole in your heart and then about remodeling like its no big d. but actually that is why i like you so much. but really, i second the styers, are you ok???

Mike and Kathryn said...

Michelle, that's kind of SIMPLE surgery? Heart surgery? Well, good luck with all and keep us updated.

Kelly Jean said...

I like how you say "do not fret" and we all fret :) But, y'know, it's kind of a big deal. ARE you okay?