Monday, November 15, 2010


Alright...since I seem to have freaked everyone out a bit about the whole holey heart thing...I found this video that shows how SIMPLE the whole surgery thing really it.

See...wasn't that easy? Truly, the whole thing absolutely blows my mind...thank goodness for modern medicine. They'll be able to do this all through one tiny little incision on my leg.

Looks like I won't be getting it done until January though. Which is fine by me considering I'm in absolutely no pain and can function just fine without it. So why get it done it all if I can function without it, you ask? Turns out if I don't get it fixed my risk of stroke pretty much triples. And since I don't care for THAT...I figured the sooner the better. Plus, the hole is supposedly causing my migraines and physical activity exhaustion. So...can't wait for that to get better either, too!

Finally, to answer your questions...Yes! I am fine. Thank you for caring. :)


Jemmily said...

um wow...that is so tight! This calmed me a little bit...But I still wish it didn't have to happen! Love you girl and your beautiful heart!!

MelanieBrenchley said...

Crazy. I'm so glad you guys found out about this. Are you having it fixed at IMC?

ps- I love the decorating. There's about nothing better than spending someone else's money :)

Meggara said...

that is the coolest 20 second video i've ever seen!!! thank you for sharing and putting my mind at ease. :)

Kelly Jean said...

I love your easy-going attitude about it, haha. I'm glad you're not in pain right now! Good call on avoiding the stroke ;)